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Open Today! 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
11315 US Highway 70 West Clayton , NC 27520 (919) 550-2333

Johnston County Guidelines

In addition to the Governor's Executive Order 121. the following other practices will be implemented with relation to auto and boat sales:

1. All social distancing requirements apply.

2. Motor vehicles sales conducted by appointment.

3. Posting online whether a facility is open and how best to reach the facility and continue services by phone or remotely

4. Designated six-foot distances with signage, tape, or by other means, six-foot spacing for employees and customers to maintain appropriate distance and maintaining at least six-foot social distancing from other individuals

5. No more than 10 people, including customers and employees, the the showroom at any one time.

6. All customer lounges closed.

7. Tables available outside the showroom for customers who wish to conduct transaction outside of showroom.

8. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing products readily available for employees and customers.

9. No test drives permitted unless expressly requested by the purchaser and only conducted in adherence to the following requirments:

  • Vehicles are completely sanitized with COVID-19 approved products after every test drive with a car stating time it was driven and when it was sanitized.
  • No sales representative riding in vehicle with a customer
  • Customer to wear gloves that are provided by dealership while test driving vehicle.
  • Seat mats are to be used for the test drive.
  • Vehicle test driven will not be driven by another potential customer for 72 hours.

10. To extend legally possible, conduct off-site / home delivery for vehicles

11. Adhere to CDC recommendations for maintaining a safe workspace, including the measures referenced above, as well as:

  • Identify customers and employees who have viral symptoms an prohibit them from entering the dealership.
  • Require what the CDC calls "respiratory etiquette," including covering coughs and sneezes.
  • Provide customers and employees with tissues and trash receptacles.
  • Prohibit employees from using other employees' phones, desks, offices, work tools, and equipment.
  • Prohibit hand shaking and other physical contact between individuals.
  • Post handwashing signs around the dealership